Dear Curiosity Journal,

On a rare “eventless” summer Saturday, I set an unhurried pace in the herb garden. This is an area we’re developing in the front of the house for culinary and medicinal herbs. The garden’s proximity to the front door puts it in favor of being frequently weeded. Its location makes it a bit of a “show garden”, so it gets more attention than the fields further from the homestead. I filled the first bed with the remainder of the lemon balm transplants in hopes that the plants will hurry up and bush out to crowd the persistent weeds. I’m hoping the same for the oregano in the second bed. Both of these herbs are known to spread and could soon take full claim to the surrounding soil, “winning the race”, and requiring much less weeding. The parsley in the third bed and the echinacea on the corner will take a bit longer to fill in but will look lovely by late summer – an uplifting space to step into to start the day.