Joy Miller

Founder & Executive Director

Joy co-founded Driftless Curiosity with her husband Rufus in 2021. In 2018, she earned her Masters in Liberal Arts from Johns Hopkins University where she studied environmental ethics, leadership, and food justice. In her graduate research project, “Socially Responsible Food and Ethical Food Consumerism”, she learned the importance of consumers making meaningful connections with their food. Her research inspired her to open Keewaydin Farms as a social space and create unique programs where people can deepen their connection with the land, learn about producing food, seek better social solutions, express themselves artistically, and gratify their curiosity… and Driftless Curiosity was born. She’s a farmer, writer, director, and life-long lover of all things curious.

Rufus Haucke

Founder & Board Member

As second generation owner and operator of Keewaydin Farms, Rufus has spent much of his adult life growing healthy, nutritious organic food for the local and Midwest markets.  It is his daily interactions with the natural world which continue to shape his land ethic.  As co-founder of Driftless Curiosity with his wife Joy, it is Rufus’s hope and desire to share, not only the beauty of their environment, but the curiosity which comes from a lifetime of active learning.  The simple act of asking what, why, when, how and where can lead to so many fun adventures in this world of boundless possibilities. By opening up their land to lifetime learners and knowledgeable instructors, Rufus looks to help people deepen their connection with the land he holds dear.  Come be curious with us!