Reverence for Life:

Reverence is an attitude of honoring Life as sacred or inherently valuable.


We are committed to cultivating a culture of inclusion. We welcome the unique contributions that people bring in terms of their education, opinions, culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, nation of origin, age, languages spoken, veteran’s status, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation and beliefs. 


Questions are encouraged. Wanting to know why is invited. 


Is an influential way to connect with the land because we have physical, mental, and emotional ties to food as well as the growing process itself. We advocate for regenerative agriculture (organic, no-till/reduced tillage, biodiverse, soil focused, ecologically sound practices).


Meaningful connections with the land and each other cultivate mindful interactions with people and the planet.   


The Arts:

They are a dynamic channel of connection with the land because they offer a space and opportunity to communicate, explore and express our links to the natural world.




Social Justice:

Social Justice and participating in community building are compelling approaches to connecting with nature. We seek to cultivate equity in the management and governance of the land.  We invite diverse groups of people to share ideas in a safe space and advocate for positive change. Social justice covers a broad scope of struggles toward equity and wellbeing.


Driftless Curiosity is a 501c3 Nonprofit

Maple Syrup Workshop

“I had a wonderful day! I really enjoyed the small number of people and the intimate setting it allowed for getting to know Joy, Rufus, Rich and Charna.”

“You were all so welcoming and easy to talk to and knowledgeable. The land was beautiful, the food fantastic, and all the vibes were just so cozy and inspiring. I really want to continue learning from your processes and experience.”

“I liked the balance of hands on activity and discussion/ talking.”

“The pacing was marvelous, so relaxed and I loved spending a whole day outdoors. Looking forward to Saturday!”

“It exceeded my expectations!”

“I had such a great time! These days are memories I will treasure forever, and I really do feel more connected to the land.”

Perennials in Agriculture


"I think it was a great workshop! Keeping it small helped to be able to ask questions and interact with others."

"You guys are great!"

        Stream Study         & Fly Fishing 


"It was my birthday that day! And I thought I spent the day in the perfect way. "

"I don’t have any tips. I thought it was well run. "

Foraging Workshop

“Joy and Rufus provided an amazing educational experience not only vocally, but by providing hand-outs, having literature available, and very good food.”

“Nothing to improve, absolutely wonderful so organized.”

“For once, I am lost for words.... Only suggestion would be as the group sizes increase, break off into smaller groups for the field activities...for our event on 4/24, the one group worked just fine”.

“The knowledge behind the edibles was excellent. Planting ramps was good to keep people mindful of sustainable foraging. Food/meal items were wonderful”.

“Never ceases to amaze me you guys do a wonderful job.”

“Fantastic, educational, and amazing experience...eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to connect with the Driftless Curiosity family”.

“We had such a good time today. It was an incredibly rich experience for the kids, and you made us feel so very welcome. (And well fed!). The kids told their mom all about it when we got back, and we had asparagus, nettle and lamb’s quarters in our salad tonight. What a pleasure! We’re definitely looking forward to our next trip to the farm.”

Nature Journaling 


“I am filled with gratitude. I look forward to building on this sweet beginning of a new connection with great enthusiasm! Thank you so much for this truly enlivening experience. I will be integrating all that was gained for a few days, at least."

The Sister Sciences Retreat: Ayurveda & Yoga on the Land  


“I'm compelled to share how my quality of life has astronomically improved since our retreat this weekend. Everyone around me notices saying things like, "wow! you are glowing! What have you done that you seem so calm, centered, so peaceful in the face of such a big, heavy, unknown week ahead!?"

“The workshop was a wonderful way to connect with individuals of like minds. It was a meaningful experience for me. "

“I can't thank you guys enough!! I'm singing praises of the work you are doing there. I'm so humbled, honored, and so looking forward to watch your beautiful healing work continue to evolve."

“ A huge burdensome weight has been lifted from my mind, body and spirit through the intentional work we did together, so I continue to infuse these practices daily."