Dear Curiosity Journal,

I’ve been looking forward to bringing our new Jacob’s ewe lambs home with eager anticipation. So, when I found out we could pick them up a day early, I was tickled. We “animal proofed” the car the best we could, laying down garbage bags, then burlap coffee bags, and throwing in a stack of raggedy old bath towels for good measure. However, we’ve fully resigned ourselves to the fact that all of our material belongings eventually become “farmacized”. Rufus jokingly asked if I thought the makers of the Ford Fusion ever envisioned it being used to move livestock. We arrived at Rainbow Meadows Farms and Katie had the lambs all ready to go, which made for a smooth transition. I went for a swaddling approach, holding the ewes on my lap to keep them from flying all over the vehicle, and it was more successful than I thought it would be. They were little angels all the way home. We even stopped for a short visit when we passed by my Grandma Miller’s house to show her the new babies. Back at Keewaydin, the lambs hit the pasture running and I haven’t been able to get close to them since, but I’m obsessed with observing them from a distance. They have such a dainty manner and unique look. I love their markings, horns, coloring, and all-around whimsicality. It will take them a bit to adjust to their new environment and shepherdess, but so far, they seem pretty happy to join the Driftless Curiosity flock.