Dear Curiosity Journal,

I’ve been observing the behaviors of our new flock members over the last couple of weeks, and while all three of them seem more bonded to humans than other animals, Abigail, the Nigerian Dwarf goat is definitely the little diva of the pasture. I’m starting to understand why her previous owner said that she identifies as a house pet. When I move the flock from the manger to the pasture in the morning, everyone follows the grain bucket, except Abigail, who runs to the farmhouse and puts her hooves on the front door. I think her happiest moments here so far have been the couple of times I snuck her into the house for a few minutes. When I’m with the flock, she is my constant companion, frequently tripping me up because she is crowding so close to my legs. She loves to be snuggled and wear her special jacket. She has a fierce dislike for Balio and has a fit when he is by my side, as she seems to think this is her rightful post, not his. She’s the smallest rumi in the group yet is constantly squaring up with livestock twice her size. She’s a little firecracker, and I just can’t help falling in love with her.