Dear Curiosity Journal,

Well, Rufus went to play D&D with his friends and came back to 3 new farm animals. I couldn’t pass these sweethearts up, who came from the same farm as Betty and Cauliflower. Their owner is moving and was looking for a good home and they fit right into our flock. Allow me to introduce our new friends. Biff is a brown Merino/Shetland wether who has beautiful wool and is Betty’s cousin. Ralph is a white Angora wether who also has gorgeous fiber (although a little burdocky right now – fitting right into our dynamic). Abigale is a brown and black Nigerian dwarf goat who considers herself a house pet. They are all unbelievably sweet, tame, and friendly. They all come running for pets and love people, which is a great fit for Driftless Curiosity guests who are curious about animals. They will get lots of love here at Keewaydin. I’m totally smitten.