Dear Curiosity Journal,

Following my curiosity, I’ve recently become enamored with sheep and wool, so today’s errands were especially delightful. My fleece nuggets and the wool for the Mexican Fiber Arts Weekend were both ready for pickup, so I had the pleasure of visiting the Ewetopia Fiber Mill in LaFarge and their shop in Viroqua on the same day. I enjoy the lanolin smell, the lovely soft fibers, and the overall warmth of the atmosphere these businesswomen create. It is always a pleasure to work with them. We’re double checking with our certifier to make sure the fleece nuggets are approved for organic use but will hopefully be able to start experimenting with them this spring. We will also have them for sale at our Driftless Curiosity events. The wool for the Mexican Fiber Arts Weekend is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see how the colors from the marigolds, brazilwood, indigo, grana cochineal, and black walnut come out in the wool. I have no doubt we will weave something beautiful together.