Dear Curiosity Journal,

Saturday was our first day of the 2024 gardening season. As if his senses were set off by something in the air, Rufus announced that it was time to start working in the greenhouses. We gathered and composted the brittle skeletons of last fall’s peppers and tomatoes as plant particles and dusty soil filled the atmosphere with diaphanous inhalations of earth. We are moving our seedling setup to Greenhouse #2, where we have access to electricity and no more need to run a precarious number of extension cords. Rufus redistributes the rich soil from Bed #1 into Beds #3 and #4 to make way for seed tables, save the “black gold”, and refresh the beds for planting. There is the usual early spring commentary on hamstring tautness, lower back affliction, knee stiffness, and other lamentations of the aging body, which receives no leniency from the land set in motion by light and warmth. With this work, we commence the physical transformation of farm and physique. It’s time to snap the body into farming shape and mentally prepare to bend over a million more times, which calls for a bit of hyping yourself up.