Dear Curiosity Journal,

I’ve admittedly done some of my best birdwatching with the naked eye – catching a glimpse of a Bobolink while harvesting asparagus, or randomly glancing up from the soil when I hear a song. A pair of binoculars can feel like a cumbersome burden around the neck of a farmer, but we spy sensational sightings, nonetheless, succeeding by proximity and frequency in the field. However, the magnifying lens of the binoculars transports me into an immediate intimacy with our feathered friends. My vision takes flight, barging right into their bedroom on a branch. With a blink, I explore the texture of wing tips, the mannerisms of the sky, and the throbbing cadence of a breastbone belting out a love song which leaves me feeling a trace of intrusion. These glass prisms are a portal, a place to peek into the secrets of the natural world and lean into the pleasure of being a part of it.