Dear Curiosity Journal,

Due to deep snow on the south side of the barn, we can only deliver round bales to the nearest sheep pen (“The Love Nest”). So I’ve been hand delivering hay into “The Baby Pen” while simultaneously keeping my eye on Rameo for signs of initiating a charge. I cautiously bend over to scoop up an armful of hay, never breaking eye contact. “Is this okay, Rameo? Is it cool if I throw some hay over to the babes?” He vigilantly tracks my every move with a disapproving look, but doesn’t seem like he’s made up his mind to throw horns (or rather, where his horns would be – thank goodness he doesn’t have actual horns – that would change things considerably). It’s his little girlfriend, Pearly, who ends up almost knocking me off my feet, bolting out in front of me to make sure she doesn’t get separated from her boyfriend . As long as we’ve had her, I’ve never seen her hurry her hooves along with so much spirit.