Dear Curiosity Journal,

While cross-country skiing around the “Hammock Forest Loop”, I was drawn to one of the signposts of the “Story Hike Loop” which was holding a heap of snow on one side. The flakes were blown into beautiful contours which seemed to defy gravity in the name of graceful lines. I leaned over to re-read the single page of the children’s book that had been abandoned on the edge of the forest. Somehow it had been missed when I gathered the others. I read aloud to the White Pines, “Frightened? Of what?” asked the tall tree next to it. “The forest is such a wonderful world!” And then the tall tree told the tiny tree all about life in the forest.” I smiled at the thought of the evergreens advising against fear and leaning into the wonder of life, storytelling, and mentorship. I hold this little reminder in my heart as I ski on, “Frightened? Of what?”