Dear Curiosity Journal,

Despite a bit of a rainy day, the Driftless Curiosity Winter Solstice Celebration was an enjoyable success. In fact, perhaps because of the rain, the woodfired barn felt even more cozy and communal. As farmers, we’re quite accustomed to Mother Nature governing our activities and I’ve grown to accept and embrace this environmental aspect of events being beyond my bridle. Weather is a wild card which we all have to gamble with and play to. Old friends, neighbors, and newcomers gathered around the solstice craft tables on Saturday, sipping hot cocoa, sifting through dried flowers, evergreen boughs, and dried herbs, and creating some stunning wreaths, yule logs, smudge sticks, elf houses, and ornaments. To see it all come together filled me with a cheery warmth. To receive and observe expressions of gratitude and happiness is such a gift, one I hold in my memory like an ember to stoke and smile. People at play create their own updraft of energy – a whirl of strangers becoming friends, storytelling, laughter, and co-creation. It’s something rain can’t dampen. Sure, the outdoor activities were less popular, the signage for the yule altar and solstice spiral were a little soggy, and we had to trade true flames for faux electric candles, but that’s okay. I’m so grateful for everyone who came out to help us celebrate this dark hour of December. To all of our board members, volunteers, donors, and people who came out to make merry, thank you from the bottom of my heart and Happy Winter Solstice.