Dear Curiosity Journal,

On Sunday, we held the third annual Driftless Curiosity board retreat and annual meeting. It was a noteworthy day in our organization’s history, as it was the first time all of our board members were present together in person for a meeting. I wonder how birthing an organization at a juncture, when in-person connection was perhaps at its lowest and online connection at its highest, has impacted our unfolding. Correspondence happens at the speed of light, but faces are screens, and some cord there is severed, lost in transmutation. Being with our board, hiking, sharing a meal, and engaging in developing the ideas that make up Driftless Curiosity, acutely emphasized the dynamism of our togetherness. We walked to the pond on the Smart Farm, property of the Richland Center Campus Foundation, and discussed how educational institutions interact with land and how we could serve our community in connecting students with land-based learning. Bright sparks of conversation emerged on the trail, in the truck, and over the stove that otherwise would have remained unilluminated. I’m so thankful for technology and the role it has played in the inception and development of Driftless Curiosity, a necessary tool. Also, there’s nothing quite like the energetic fusion of human relationships, these high voltage bonds that ignite ideas, the age-old galvanism of how we work together, the web of the collective. I’m so grateful for our team, our energy, and our light. We can’t wait to share what we’re working on for 2024, so stay tuned.


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