Dear Curiosity Journal,

After a full day of accounting calculations, writing agendas, drafting budgets, and creating the presentation for the Driftless Curiosity board retreat this weekend, I needed to retreat to the woods. Gathering natural materials for the Winter Solstice Celebration was secondary on my agenda to putting my boots on the trail, looking up into the trees, and listening to the natural soundscape. It’s wild how working on a computer for a long time, hyper-focusing on the screen, and getting everything just right causes me to detach from my body a bit, to translocate so deeply into the mental and digital that I hold odd patterns of tension, make strained facial expressions, and probably look quite out of sorts before I come back to myself, take a deep breath, relax, rewind, repeat. Being outside allows me to shake off this strange hypnosis and reground, to simply be present as another animal in the ecosystem. It’s a place that always pulls me back.