Dear Curiosity Journal,

We’re packing the final CSAs of the year today. It’s week 6 of the winter share, week 28 of CSA deliveries, and week 34 of the full cycle (since we take 2 weeks “off” between each). Coming to the end of our 7th farming season together still feels like the last day of school. There’s a lightness in our step arising from cutting ties with a weighty set of responsibilities and floating forward to furlough. It’s like submitting your final thesis, having poured out your heart and burned up your brain, worked it and re-worked it, fell in love with a new idea,  had an existential crisis, cursed your choices, and come out on the other side mentally and emotionally altered – standing on your sentences, but unable to read one more word, making friends with the finality of the deadline. Lovingly done. Able to say yes to something else.