Dear Curiosity Journal,

A soft snow shifts the atmosphere as I systematized supplies for the Winter Solstice Celebration. A crackling digital fire burns on the television with smooth jazz background music. I sift through craft bins and correlate art supplies with lists and labeled totes for each activity; wreath making, yule logs, edible tree decorations, elf/fairy houses, and smudge sticks. I make note of what is still needed and do some light shopping. Upon my return, I begin dehydrating orange slices in the oven and they fill the farmhouse with an ambrosial citrus perfume. The snowflakes fall more steadily and I carry a steaming cup of tea over to my fake fireplace, giving the curious placebo effect of making the room feel warmer and cozier. I mark an uptick in excitement, a stir of seasonal mirth, an opening of my arms to winter, turning the page with Mother Earth.