Dear Curiosity Journal,

I recognize that I’ve got a bit of a sheep theme going on this week. What can I say? I missed hanging out with the flock when life got busy for Dia de Muertos. I’ve grown surprisingly attached to them. It tickles me when they baah because they can hear my voice. When they see me and run for the gate, I can’t help but smile. There is never a dull moment when I move them between pastures. Someone is always jumping in the grain bucket, stepping on my heels or inching toward a garden bed. Free grazing has become our thing, and although it has its challenges, it’s been a wonderful way to bond with the flock and keep them on fresh grass without building more fencing. At this point, I want to offer them as much grass as possible before winter wipes it away and they’re back to hay. Live it up while you can girls because the frost is coming soon.