Dear Curiosity Journal,

Folks who have followed our farm story for a while will recognize our sauna project. No, we haven’t finished it yet. Yes, we’re still working on it. Will this be the winter that we complete the build out. I certainly hope so. As the chillier weather approaches, I’m advocating for sauna workdays, and this Sunday was an extraordinarily pleasant one. If you are new to our story, our sauna project began over a decade ago. Our pattern is to work on the construction when farming slows down in the fall, halt when it freezes, curse ourselves for not finishing it, fully forget about it during spring and summer, when farming really takes over and a building to induce sweating is the furthest thing from our minds, then circle back in the fall when the reality of our drafty farmhouse resurfaces. So here we are, with renewed determination to enclose the structure, stapling up the wrapping and attaching the stripping, so that we can make our next big move – siding. Our goal is to complete the sauna before the Winter Solstice Celebration. Can we do it? This is an adventure of a Capricorn chasing a Cancer to finish what we started before we add too many more projects to our lengthy list.