Dear Curiosity Journal,

The decrescendo following Dia de Muertos and the final week of the fall CSA feels as soothing as the end of a song. The return to moments of rest feels like luxury; free grazing the flock and just listening to the sound of the ewes chewing on dewey blades of grass to an accompaniment of buzzing insects and the occasional bird – music to my ears, softening my center. A simple trilogy – shepherdess, sheep dog, sheep. A single layer of a life on the land – so often lived 20 layers at a time. Autumn invites us to surrender some of those layers, letting them fall back to the earth, to simplify, to slow, to snuggle into the coming season of stillness. Rufus and I joke that we are a little too eager to embrace hibernation, as there is still so much to do, but we’ve been happily going to bed at 7:30 PM, setting our inner clocks to the sooner sinking sun. Sometimes you have to slap down that inner workaholic, set an intention to make space for rest, and align with the signals of the season.