Dear Curiosity Journal, 

Our vision of a floral underpass continues to grow ever upward, so we add a few more support wires for the climbing vines. The Morning Glories and Celosia have started blooming, but no buds yet from the Cardinal Climbers or Moon Flowers. The vigor of the Morning Glories amidst the thick marigolds and steep competition for water and light is impressive indeed. We have an older Morning Glory planted near the front door of the farmhouse, which has now reached the second story, so I feel they may be able to reach over the top of the tunnel, if not this season, next year. Although I don’t think we’ll achieve a fully covered flower tunnel in 2023, the next level of trellising will require a ladder, and I’m hopeful we can reach about half way up before the Dia de Muertos Celebration on October 7th.