Dear Curiosity Journal,

As I interact with others in the thick of the heat wave, it seems the heaviness in the air is our universal hardship. I don’t think I’ve had a single conversation in the last two days in which the burden of the temperature didn’t come up. However, there is one thing this weather is good for, and that’s making hay. Not good for the farmer, but for the hay. I’ve personally been postponing outdoor labor, for once, clinging to computer tasks, finding renewed joy in the confinement of our one air conditioned room, but I’ve observed Rufus staggering into the house in a heat stupor, jumping in a cold shower, placing ice packs on his head, and certainly suffering from mild heat stroke. My heart goes out to all the farmers out there, making hay or otherwise laboring under the sun. Stay safe. Drink water. Take breaks. Check on your animals. Don’t die.