Dear Curiosity Journal, 

Some of the most satisfying weeds to pull are those that send sprawling mats of cover across the garden, but are removed with the pluck of a single umbilical anchor. I consider Yeats who famously wrote, “the centre cannot hold” referring to how the uprooting of the innermost part is followed by the dismantling of the whole. In the scope of my somatic gardening practice, I envision these weeds as overgrown areas of my consciousness which sap my resources and steal my joy; old conditioning, cultural backwash, mouth-eaten mindsets, and heavy handed self-talk. I have no room for these free rambling ruminations in the field of my awareness, floundering foliage blocking the light. I dig deep, to the furthest reaches of the root, leaving nothing hidden beneath the surface. The centre cannot hold. I hold the center. With the root removed, the whole is handled, the way is clear, the flowers bloom, the fruit ripens, and life naturally flourishes.