Dear Curiosity Journal, 

When the sunflowers first started to fade, I felt a little pang of loss, a blue undertone of melancholy, a counterbalance to the bright cheer of their nativity. However, as I watched their daily decline, my attention was drawn to the reason for their downturn. The Helianthus seem to have summoned wildlife from across the farmstead to feast on their pollen, nectar, and seeds. The most Gold Finches I’ve ever seen flutter among the sunny blossoms, composing a saffron sensation. The flower heads sway and bob in the wind, and an avian assembly lands and takes flight again. One day I spotted a chipmunk hanging from a head, pulling it down to where he could harvest. The butterflies and bees have taken their fill, and life has begotten more life. So when Rufus mentioned that the sunflower cycle was coming to an end, it wasn’t with sorrow, but with joy I said, “Well, they’ve been absolutely thrashed by wildlife” Living their best sunflower existence if you ask me. 🙂