Dear Curiosity Journal,

Friday afternoon, volunteers gathered to give us a hand with transplanting the marigold crop for the 3rd Annual Driftless Día de Muertos Celebration, which will be held on the farm on Saturday, October 7th (Save the date:) This is a free community event open to all which has grown into a beautiful collaboration which crosses cultures and builds friendships. Our cempasúchil team planted around 2,500 flowers today (over 7,000 total – not quite finished yet). Oh, and they helped us build the garden beds as we went along, because we’ve filled every field on the farm! Rufus hinted that I may have gone a little overboard and that I might need a flower intervention, but it’s too late to dial back now. The seeds have been sown, and as long as we can keep everything watered, we’re going to be no less than a spectacle from the sky. When pilots fly over, they’re going to be like, “What is that!” Those are marigolds folks, thousands and thousands of marigolds.