Dear Curiosity Journal,

This Tuesday, we packed the fourth week of summer CSA shares. Rufus and I legit forgot it was a holiday. We just knew we had a long day of harvest ahead of us. Only our thwarted attempts at banking reminded us that most people had the day off. We brushed off the inconvenience and carried on, bringing in the last of the asparagus crop, and the first of the mature garlic. We put together a lovely CSA filled with salad mix, parsley, cucumbers, carrots, green scallions, peas, cabbage, summer squash, asparagus, and garlic. When it’s all packed together, it’s hard to quantify how much care has gone into each share. Before I close up the box, I peer down on the produce, giving it one last look, beholding the mid-summer cornucopia, a labor of love.