Dear Curiosity Journal,

The cempasúchil roots are pressing against the trays, good and ready for garden ground. We’re thankful for Andrea and Andrew who arrive to volunteer with the transplanting process. They have been a tremendous help with the marigold crop in the past. Andrea serves on the Día de Muertos Organizing Committee, helping with everything from fundraising to communications. She is also the lead altarista of the celebration, designing, organizing, and guiding volunteers and participants in building and adorning the community ofrenda. I feel so honored to step into another season of these relationships with our beloved friends who share their art and traditions, the community that comes together, and the cempasúchil. The Driftless Día de Muertos Celebration is an event that continues to gain momentum, grow my capacity to host, and give life to our vision of interconnection on the land. I’m so grateful for all of the friendships I’ve formed along the way, especially when they show up to help on a long, hot planting day. We got about 3,000 of the 5,000 marigolds planted and need to do another push this week to finish. It sure would be nice to get a little rain, but we’ll make our own rain if we have to. Thank you Andrea and Andrew!