Dear Curiosity Journal,

My summer solstice intention is to manifest love, joy, and peace on the land. I sit and meditate. I play the crystal singing bowl attuned to the heart chakra. I daydream of a changing world, visualizing beauty, conjuring bright emotions, and sensing into what is possible. I rise and pass the wild rose bush. Her hot pink blossoms and intoxicating aroma pull me in, inviting me to literally stop and smell the roses. I notice they are already starting to fade and this is the first time I have really stopped to pay them notice. If I walk away now without harvesting a few heads, if I say “later”, they’ll be gone by the time I return. So I stop in my tracks, with a to-do list longer than I can mentally hold, and I smell the blossoms one by one as I harvest heads, pluck petals, and spread them out to dry. My day was all the sweeter having witnessed love, joy, and peace in a floral form.