Dear Curiosity Journal,

Almost a week has passed since I sat still to write. I feel myself slipping into the all-consuming vortex of high summer. The length of the days and their to-do lists stretch to the horizon. Visitors and events are frequent and the pace is ever quickened. The uptick in celerity and exposure to more people sets me a bit off-center. I speed past meditation, yoga, meals, and writing sessions to slam down a strong cup of coffee and harvest before it gets too hot. I answer emails from bed with one eye open and do my best to keep up with the demands of communicating with an increasing number of people. I fully recognize the impact on my mood, clarity of thought, and ability to maintain high functioning throughout these long days, but continue nonetheless because under the exhaustion is a deep satisfaction and knowing that the season is temporary, and these long days are numbered. So I do my best to hold my horses, to make myself sit still on my meditation mat, to push the demands of the day to the outskirts of my consciousness for a moment, and to breathe.