Dear Curiosity Journal,

When I look through photos of the last few days, I think to myself, “We look hot” – not as in sexy, rather like we need to drink some water in the shade. Several times this week, I’ve looked at Rufus and he has a bit of a “heat strokey” look to him, so I bring him another jar of cold water and encourage him to take a break. Today when I asked him if he needed water, he replied, “I need a rainstorm”. As a water sign and a farmer, he takes the arid weather twice as hard. We’ve taken to working the margins of the days, relishing in the coolness of the early morning and late evening, and abandoning the midday sun. Rufus recently considered becoming nocturnal for the months of June, July, and August, and I had to admit, it sounded like a tempting idea in theory, but probably challenging in practice. Pack shed work, like preparing seed potatoes for the field, becomes preferable to the actual planting, but the outdoor work must go on, so we do our best to take the heat in stride.