Dear Curiosity Journal,

One of the beautiful elements of a CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture) is the direct relationship between grower and eater. Over the last 19 years, Rufus has formed so many meaningful connections through bringing weekly food boxes to families. One of the sweetest kinships, which has developed in recent years, is a friendship with a group of young adults who refer to Rufus as their “Farm Dad”. They were our very first Driftless Curiosity participants in 2021. They camp on the farm a few times a year. They host us at their place when we travel to Madison, and since becoming CSA members, they’ve had a baby and purchased a house. “My CSA kids are all grown up”, Rufus says when we talk about them coming to camp this weekend. We had a lovely visit, shared a feast, watched the lambs play, laid in hammocks, and walked the gardens. They offered to help us with the onion planting, which went quickly with the extra hands. This is a snapshot of CSA in action, connecting to food, farmers, and families. We love our CSA kids!