Dear Curiosity Journal,

In the morning rush of event preparation, Rufus stopped me to say, “I don’t want to alarm you, but Betty is in labor”. I turned a full circle and hurried to the back of the barn. When we reached her, I could already see a hoof, then another hoof, and a nose within moments. I was deeply relieved that the labor presentation was ideal. Within a few pushes, a healthy ewe lamb emerged. I don’t know who looked the most stunned between the three of us, but we were all pretty wide-eyed, lingering in a surreal post-birth moment, grasping to process what just happened, when Rufus asked if there was another lamb. At first, I said no, it was just the afterbirth passing, but then I saw another hoof! Before I could mentally integrate the appearance of the second lamb, or determine if I needed to intervene, the twin sprung into the world with alarming speed. I fully screamed and weirdly ran in place. It was absolutely amazing. In a flash, it was over, and we both had to go back to getting ready to host the Gardening in Harmony workshop. Beyond flustered, it took discipline not to derail the entire event so that we could all just watch the new lambs. Rufus did an amazing job presenting his garden philosophy, tools, and methods. He fully radiates with a deep love for his livelihood that is downright sexy to this farmer’s wife. Betty and her girl twins, Birdie and Bitty are doing amazing! They are bonding and nursing well and we are all over the moon. It was a pretty stellar Saturday on the farm. I briefly considered sleeping in the barn with the new lambs, but finally went to my own bed, happy as can be.