Dear Curiosity Journal, 

I can’t say people didn’t warn me about goats. Since the passing of his sister, Franny, Peter has become increasingly challenging to rotate on pasture. When I move the flock to the front pen, he grazes innocently until my back is turned. Then he jumps the fence, bleats at the gate, and somehow convinces me to move everyone back to the barnyard where he stays put. However, there is more fresh grass up front, and as we get closer to lambing, it’s even more important for the ewes to be on quality pasture. So I made a stand this week. We have ordered some taller fencing supplies, but until it comes in, my short term solution is to move Peter around on a tie out – “Jamaica style” as my friend Crickett would say. I didn’t say it was a good solution. He’s definitely not happy about it, but he gets moved periodically, has access to fresh grass, and can still co-mingle with his flock. One thing is clear to me. I will not change the nature of a goat, but the goat CAN change the nature of my emotional state. So my best bet is to change the nature of my attitude AND my fencing, or not have goats…or maybe have more goats. It’s complicated.