Dear Curiosity Journal,

The Driftless Curiosity team had a blast hosting the story hike field trip on Friday. The kids didn’t seem to mind the light rain and their resiliency and curiosity shined through as we set out on our adventure. We designed an action packed visit for the class (customized to accompany their curriculum about exploring) which included reading in the hammock forest, crafting a nature collage, orienteering to a treasure (maple syrup and sparkly rocks), and a story hike, where I led students to signposts which have pages to a book they read along the route. The children collected items for their collage as we walked to “Story Hill” and it was delightful to observe them interacting with the land, gathering flowers, bark, seed pods, branches, and rocks. Farmer Rufus played an amazing lead explorer, inviting the students to look through the binoculars and practice with the compass. The maple syrup and sparkly rocks (collected and donated by my dad) were a big hit and I smiled when I saw kids pulling the rocks out of their pockets to peek at the dazzling souvenirs. Children bring a refreshing and essential lens of curiosity to the land which brightens the day no matter the weather.