Dear Curiosity Journal,

Saturday Rufus and I traveled to Prairie du Chen to help our friend Dave X build a circus wagon. If you have attended our Adult Summer Camp, Flame Effects for the Artist, or Día de los Muertos Celebration, you know Dave X as our Burning Man friend who specializes in pyrotechnics. We’ve been collaborating with Dave to host art focused events since 2021 and in the signature Burning Man spirit of volunteerism and radical art, we lend a hand when a project requires a crew. Today we’re assembling a traveling trailer in the style of an old circus wagon which will serve as a creative and cozy camper when Dave travels to the farm, Driftless Music Gardens, and Burning Man regional events. Every time we work on a project together, I learn something new. Whether it be a tool skill, design concept, or an eyebrow raising story about a music festival in the 90s, I walk away with something fascinating for my curiosity to apperceive. We’re hoping to have the circus wagon ready for our first collaboration of the season, the Creative Metalworking Weekend with Dana Albany, rolling in another layer of curiosity and artistic collaboration to this epic summer event.