Dear Curiosity Journal,

I’ve been moving the flock to the front paddock for brief grazing sessions until we finish the larger pasture, and they’re starting to get the hang of following me back and forth (or more accurately the grain bucket). It’s pretty amazing how far a barley bribe will take you with these guys. The promise of fresh pasture is nothing to turn your nose up at either, but it’s like dandelions vs. Doritos in the game of gluttony. I take mental shepherdess notes as I supervise another field trip: Joy Jr and Pearly are reserved. Peter and Cauliflower immediately cram their heads through the fence to munch on the grass that is always greener on the other side. Betty, although she has the entire pasture, jams her wooly form in between the hammock stand. However, the most curious behavior I witnessed was every single member of the flock positioning themselves into the branches of the lilac bush, almost like a stanchion, and rocking back and forth. It was altogether bizarre. They left gossamer tufts of wool tacked to the bark, and appeared to quite enjoy gyrating amidst the lavender boughs. I imagine they are freshening up for spring.