Dear Curiosity Journal,

The energy of the first CSA harvest day hums like an awakening hive. We’re coming out of hibernation and gathering the inner resources to embark on our maiden flight. There is the buzz of the usual first harvest nerves. Will we have enough? Did anything freeze? Do we remember how to do this? Rufus heads to the greenhouse with one of his favorite tools, “Greeny McGreenerton” , the greens harvester. This tool quickly climbed the charts in preference due to its exponential superiority to singularly slicing lettuce with a harvest knife. While Rufus collects greens, I work in the packs hed, sanitizing everything, building CSA boxes, and restocking the packaging supplies. I find a balance in my body heat by bouncing back and forth from the frigid waters of the bulk tank to the radiant heat of the woodstove. The intermingling of  water and fire cultivate a pleasant elemental sensation, one of vigor, connection to the ancestral, and feeling absolutely alive. As we move through the day, the steady rhythm of familiarity returns and we’re emboldened by speaking assurance over each other’s capabilities. We take to the air for our 7th CSA season together and give gratitude for the sweet life in the Driftless.