Dear Curiosity Journal,

While expanding the barnyard pasture, we’re simultaneously removing the remnants of barbed wire from the dairy days. Cows and sheep have distinctive fencing needs, but I much prefer working with woven wire. Removing tangled barbed wire requires fortitude, leather everything, updated tetanus, and a willingness to take a few puncture wounds. After painstakingly removing barbed wire from the 90s, I attached woven wire to T-posts from the 80s. One of the curious layers of living on a second generation farmstead is the stockpile of materials which have accumulated over the decades and the apologue coupled to their presence here. I love listening to Rufus and his father, Rich, tell stories depicting diverse versions of the farm, landscape, characters, and animals that have held space where I live. The steady rhythm of building fence lends itself to daydreaming about our interconnected concatenation.