Dear Curiosity Journal,

As I delineate the land, charting Her course with the piercing of each fence post, I imagine how grazing will transform the landscape. The sheep and goats will both forage and fertilize while also contributing to a bit of compaction. Their 2022 paddocks are growing back more slowly than the adjacent vegetation, and we’re hoping they beat back the bulk of the poison ivy in the tree line. It’s too soon to know for certain. At this point, we’re running experimental rotational grazing to observe the effect on the soil, plant species/diversity, rodents, birds, and the interconnected ecosystem. I’m curious to discover what will emerge and what will subside. The gang hangs at the fence line, bleating at me periodically, eager to get out on pasture, cheering me on from the sidelines. By sunset, I’ve outlined their next block and clocked the burdocks I need to remove. Next comes the tedious process of setting, adjusting, and attaching the woven wire. I can’t wait to see my gals kick up their hooves when I release them onto fresh spring pasture.