Dear Curiosity Journal,

Before the target fencing project can commence, we need to clear some generational debris blocking the barnyard pasture from expanding into the valley. Many old farms have a series of “behind the scenes” heaps of a similar ilk. A combined collection of potential resources and undeniable junk gather on the margins over time. This is the place where everything goes when we clean up what is visible for visitors. It’s a wasteland of tractor skeletons, building refuse, fencing debacles, and curiosities. The contents compose a mess so entangled, we have mostly added, rarely subtracted from the chaos, but it’s time. Not only do the sheep and goats need pasture expansion with barnyard access, we need to organize our recycled metal for the Creative Metalworking Weekend. An alloy labyrinth compiled over decades was dismantled in a day. We brought order to the chaos and hammered out what was worth keeping. All the while, striking metal forms caught my eye; the curve of a broken hook, the body of a post pounder with no center, and the blades of a mangled fan all pose as quiescent sculpture body – the structure of a torso, the bend of an arm, and a myriad of echoing figures. The chaos became an art asset and galvanized metamorphosis.