Dear Curiosity Journal,

Another pivotal spring moment has arrived on the farm. Rufus woke up and said, “I don’t care how small the greens are, we’re having a salad from the garden today!” At the end of the workday, he grabs a bowl and harvest knife and we head to the greenhouse, giddy with anticipation for the first harvest. We cut a few nettles and slice at the base of a very short lettuce crop. We whip up a simple meal of organic rice, overwintered garlic, sauteed nettles, and a simple salad mix. “Cheers forks with me”, I say as we settle in with joyous expectation. We clang the tines of our forks together and smile. Mmmmm. Those first tastes of spring just hit different! We made it through winter, happily returning to eating from the garden! After the meal, I feel energetically uplifted and so grateful for the deep nourishment of this land.