Dear Curiosity Journal,

It’s a bit surreal watching the promotional clips for the Wisconsin Foodie episode featuring Keewaydin Farms and Driftless Curiosity. What a curious perspective shift to view ourselves through the lens of a television crew, observing all of the different angles of the farm and finding another layer of beauty. The vibrant hues of August flash across the screen and simultaneously flood me with longing for summer, juxtaposed by how the season of plenty feels in my body, the fatigue that flanks the farmer’s freedom, and how I longed for winter in mid-summer. Our lives are woven into the fabric of the land and Her timeline is our timeline. Each season must be embraced for its own innate gifts, and I’m so deeply grateful for the last 6 seasons I’ve spent co-creating this dream of farming, food, and curiosity with my husband and our beloved community. A huge thank you to Luke Zahm, Arthur Ircink, and the crew of Wisconsin Foodie for featuring our work. We can’t wait to watch the full episode!