Dear Curiosity Journal,

As a new sheep enthusiast, I follow a lot of sheep groups on social media. Rufus would argue that enthusiast is not a strong enough word. Mania might be for fitting. With lambing season in full swing, my feed is absolutely flooded with adorable lamb photos. Adorable may not be a strong enough word. When you scream and eek from the cuteness, that’s a whole other level of darling sweetness. I cuddle with Rufus on the couch, sporadically flipping out over lamb photos on the Babydoll Southdown Sheep group. I lose my mind over a close up of a little face and set it as my phone’s screensaver. I get a curious little jolt of joy every time I pick up my phone now. 10/10 Highly Recommend. Our Babydoll ewes (Joy Jr and Pearly) are bred to a brown Babydoll ram and due in late May. Big Mouth Betty is a Babydoll/Bluefaced Leicester cross bred to the same brown Babydoll ram. I’m basically beside myself dreaming up what their babies are going to look like and hoping beyond hope that they all have successful births. The dark side of the sheep groups is the litany of photos and questions about when lambing goes wrong. Oh, help my tender sheep-loving heart if that is our fate.