Dear Curiosity Journal,

With the dawn of spring, the sun rises earlier each morning, and the farmers follow. We’re transitioning from the still black early hours, accompanied by books in bed, and the absence of hurried undertones, to a crescendo of songbirds, daylight, and alacrity. A deep-seated bustle stirs with the shift of the season, and after months of turning inward, we start to spiral our energy outward, to the greenhouses where the growing season has leap-frogged ahead by capturing the sweet solar energy with the return of the sun. I observe my husband as my most beloved element of the ecosystem, entering his 19th season of deep, daily relationship with the soil and all that she births. He awakens as a well-established perennial, lifting his head with the sun, interconnected with his increasingly animated habitat, sensing into the timing of the solar alignments, and receiving signals from the birds, worms, sprouts, and stars… fully in his element.