Dear Curiosity Journal,

Yesterday I fed the flock the last of their treats and didn’t replenish the supply because of a snowstorm. I entered the pen empty handed and observed the curious change in their behavior as we departed from the regularity of our routine. I imagined them questioning me, “Why isn’t she picking up the treat bucket?!” They became standoffish and suddenly acted like they didn’t know me. Peter climbed on top of the round bale to compose his complaint, tossing his head, making gremlin noises, and rearing up on his hind legs like he was going to give somebody “the horns”. The others circled around him like backup singers, echoing his grievances and staring me down expectantly. Their body language said it all. I messed up. I turn my back to leave them, and as I exit the paddock, a chorus of bleating and blustering BAAAAHs ring out. I interpret their bellows… “How dare you!”  I’ll be making a trip to CFS tomorrow.