Dear Curiosity Journal,

Every winter, farmers reflect and ask themselves the annual question, “Am I going to do this again?” This year was no exception. Accounts were calculated, body strength was evaluated, will power was assessed, and hypotheticals were thrown on the table. We joke that Wisconsin winter is just long enough to make you forget the pain of the previous growing season. So by the time the seed catalogs arrive, your “winter amnesia”, as we call it, has erased enough of the hardship that you’re willing to do it again. It also helps that your body has had some time to rest. Faced with the shiny pages of the seed catalogs, your enduring love of the work, and the unanswered question, “What else would I do”, you place the seed order. Our High Mowing order arrived while Rufus was getting the seeder set up in the greenhouse, and there was just something so serendipitous about the moment. My face lit up when the delivery driver handed me the package, and I marched it over to Rufus who planted the seeds straight away. After the first planting, it feels like you’re pretty committed. Despite all of the challenges, I’m happy we’re sowing another season.