Dear Curiosity Journal,

When Rufus and I picked up a multicolored mushroom puzzle last week, he joked that we must be on the cusp of old age. How curious that we associate puzzles with the elderly? Although I haven’t participated much in the puzzle, I must say I’m quite fond of the stillness that settles in the evening while I read on the couch and Rufus puzzles at the table. A peaceful hush occupies the atmosphere, punctuated only by the placing of a puzzle piece or the soft turning of a page. Don’t get me wrong, we watch tv, we scroll on our phones, we play music, but we’re finding the more we’re intentional about disconnecting from technology to cultivate quiet time in the evenings, the more we connect to the present, the better we sleep, and the better we feel. I know I personally spend a lot of time on the computer for work, so unplugging at the end of the day feels intuitively right for me, and is helping me to work toward balance. Of course, we’re growing older, but also wiser.