Dear Curiosity Journal,

The most curious sheep of the flock is Betty Lou Ewe by a landslide. Rufus calls her “Betty with the Big Hair” and my nickname for her is “Betty with the Big Baaa”. She’s definitely giving big sheep energy and distinguishes herself from her flockmates. In my short time as a shepherdess, I’ve observed the general disposition of goats to be more curious and bold while sheep are more nervous, quite flighty. However, I’ve learned there is an exception to this rule, “bottle babies” or “bummer lambs”. These newborns are orphaned, rejected, or unable to receive enough milk. Unless the farmer intervenes, these lambs will die in a short time, hence the shepherdess becomes the mother, preparing bottles frequently, warming their little bodies, and forming a forever bond. These sheep seem to have an entirely different relationship with humans than lambs who latch onto their natural mothers. They are the curious ones of the flock. I’m unsure if Betty was a bottle baby or if she just had a particularly strong bond with her previous shepherdess, but she certainly displays a curiosity that likely seems foolish to the more prudent ewes.