Dear Curiosity Journal,

The soft snowflake crystals have been remodeled into an icy landscape, and I reluctantly trade my skis for cramp-ons. The thought of hauling a sloshing bucket across the glassy sheet of ice which lay between the basement and the sheep sends me searching for grippy footwear accessories. With liquid splashing around my feet, I step timidly onto the ice, finding snowy patches where I can, calculating each step. Once I deliver the water and tend to the sheep, I restore the surety of my gait. Rufus, who is working in the greenhouse nearby, hears the bold strides of my cadence and cautions me to take it easy. I smile to myself, feeling the sweetness of his quick counsel. Why was I being so casual all of a sudden? Caring for the sheep fills me with a certain peaceful assurance, but I’m in full agreement that I shouldn’t get too over-confident just because I have cramp-ons under my feet and no 5 gallon strain. If I fall on my tailbone again, I’m out. Oh, the frustration of the stubborn tailbone, the curiosity of the spine! Why does it take a lifetime to heal? Every person I commiserate with shakes their head in sympathetic agreement, saying things like, “Oh yes, it takes years!” and “It still hurts”. Heed this cautionary tale. DO NOT fall on your tailbone. Protect that curious little bone with everything. Whether you are on the steps, the ice, or anywhere the footing is questionable. Take your time, wear the cramp-ons.