Dear Curiosity Journal,

As much as my life is directed by experiential education, nothing satiates my curiosity like the force of a fascinating book. Energized by my meeting with Renee Star to discuss our developing partnership, I dove head first into her book, “You Are Woman, You Are Divine: A Modern Woman’s Journey Back to the Goddess”. I opened the cover thinking this would be a lovely way to learn more about Renee’s work, which it was, but what I found within the turning of those pages was exponentially more. Inside the capsule of each Feminine fable, each history of Her, was potent medicine for my innermost self. Where storytelling, curiosity, and imagination mingle, magic manifests. Thankfully, I had nothing pressing on my calendar. The chapters and hours passed as I devoured the narrative. I was wearing a pair of Rufus’s sweatpants, a hoodie, a messy bun, and no makeup, yet, I’d never felt more connected to the Divine Feminine. The winter sun sparkled through the eastern window, then the western, then behind the pines, and I paid it little attention, awaiting the moon. I laid upon the couch, exclusively in the physical. My mind and heart had slipped into the secret dimension of global time travel, shape shifting, and perspective switching. My eyes strained to finish the last pages of the final chapter before I surrendered to sleep, placing a blue lotus flower under my pillow, hoping to dream of goddesses.