Dear Curiosity Journal,

At every Driftless Curiosity event, at least one person will hurry to my side to ardently report that the white goat is badly injured. They’re curious about what happened and what we should do. Then I slip into my routine explanation of how Franny broke her leg as a baby when she got it stuck in a pallet. While many farmers would not save a goat with a compound fracture, her previous owners took her to a vet to operate on the leg. She recovered, but has never bore weight on that leg again. In fact, the leg has since atrophied and serves only as an appendage for scratching, never walking. Don’t let the limp fool you though. If she escapes, she’s no easy catch and when she wants to pick up speed to ram one of the sheep, she gets right down to business. Yes, those three little legs serve her well. However, she’s never been bred for fear that the extra weight of pregnancy might be too much for her tripod frame. She’s a dairy goat who has never been milked. I’ve noticed she’s put on some winter weight on account of the rolled oats. A robust little potbelly juts out from one side of her ribs and lets me know I need to cut back before she tips over.